A bit more about WordPress

Mar 18, 2012, 02:22 PM
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sm2n - over 5 years ago

If akrabat ever walked out on you he'd be a fool.


Pewari - over 5 years ago

Yep, got the argument about hosted vs self-hosted, but I think for many non-techies, self-hosted is a huge hurdle. Paying a company is the next best security because they have an income stream (posterous didn't). Given that she's paying for a WordPress hosted blog, then an easier system hosted blog isn't much more of a difference.

I agree that it's ideal to keep hold of it yourself (after all, my blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog). But I find WP really annoying now - especially with updating constantly and too much of a faff to post to. I use my Tumblr blog far more. If I cared enough about the content I could get a backup (I don't because I can't be arsed).

In reality, someone without a resident techie can't and won't install that wordpress install somewhere else and they just want to get on and post stuff. Also if you're relying on another techie to do it for you, what happens when they no longer want to help you either? If akrabat ever walks out on me, I'm stuffed with our whole techie set up here ;)