Episode 56 - Ret Taylor & Adriaan Zimmerman - Founders of NED - Hemp CBD Oil Products and Lifestyle

Feb 08, 11:04 PM

After spending years in different industries chasing their previous ideas of "success" in some of the world’s busiest cities, Adriaan and Ret came to the realization that there is something fundamentally broken about the way we, as a modern society, are approaching our health and well-being. The conclusion that we are feeling the consequences of device addiction, stress, anxiety, and a multitude of other ailments that have come to rule our lives and are too quick to turn to doctors and prescription drugs as a first line of defense. That is why they created NED. NED is a representation of their passion for feeling better and living better through simple means and a deep connection to the natural world. I have been experimenting with CBD and hemp for several months now and this conversation offered some insight and perspective on the benefits, varieties, differences in quality and philosophies behind the growing popularity and uses of CBD and Hemp based products.