r/trees, our 100th episode special, and u/dogboobes plays the Sims for 24 hours straight

Feb 11, 2019, 08:00 AM

Somehow, despite all the many microphone issues, our lack of a sincere TrueSwords sponsorship, and our overall "charming" lack of pod professionalism, we've made it to our 100th episode. So to celebrate this historic milestone and proof point in the success of mediocrity, we're coveringĀ one of our white whale heavyweight subs, r/trees. And since we're finally discussing r/trees, it only makes sense that we become ents ourselves to make for a thoroughly interesting conversation on the current cultural conversation about the devil's lettuce. Naturally, this also segues into us wandering into the wonderful world of r/woahdude. Here's to another 100,000 episodes. This one brought to you by the entire Bob Marley discography.