Beesotted LoveSport Radio Show feat Brentford winger Theo Archibald, Aston Villa Blog Heart of the Holte & Follow The Hamlet Dulwich podcast

Feb 12, 2019, 06:15 AM

The Beesotted crew of Billy Grant, Robin Hood and Gary Paul hooked up with Aaron in the LoveSport Studio to discuss an action packed week on EPISODE 500 of the Beesotted Podcast 

In the show today

Reflect on the defeat at Nottingham Forest

Look forward to the Brentford B team match against Dulwich Hamlet

And they also were getting excited for Dean Smith’s return to Griffin Park with Aston Villa. 

With a plethora of interviews this week including: 

Brentford winger Theo Archibald talking about about playing against Bayern Munich and the forthcoming Dulwich Hamlet game

Hugo from Dulwich Hamlet podcast Forward the Hamletgiving his thoughts on the cup match vs Brentford B

Ryan from Aston Villa Blog Heart of The Holtediscussing the return of Dean Smith to Griffin Park and his thoughts on how Villa would fare against The Bees