Perilous Fight: 2 of 4: Kindle Edition by Stephen Budiansky (Author)

Feb 12, 01:55 AM


Constitution fires into the burning hulk of Guerriere, now badly damaged.

Anton Otto Fischer - DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY -- NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER Photo image obtained, enlarged and rendered by Gwillhickers.

painting by Anton Otto Fischer depicting the first victory at sea by USS Constitution over HMS Guerriere

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Perilous Fight: 2 of 4: Kindle Edition by Stephen Budiansky (Author)

In Perilous Fight, Stephen Budiansky tells the rousing story of the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812, when an upstart American fleet fought off the legendary Royal Navy and established America as a world power for the first time.

Through vivid re-creations of riveting and dramatic encounters at sea, Budiansky shows how this underdog coterie of seamen and their visionary secretary of the navy combined bravery and strategic brilliance to defeat the British, who had dominated the seas for more than two centuries. A gripping and essential hsitory, this is the military and political story of how the U.S. Navy became a permanent and essential part of the nation’s defense.