Feb. 11th, Hour 3: Keith shares his Valentine Day plans, Andy Baskin from 92.3 the Fan joins to talk Kareem Hunt, Keith and Shaun talk Walking Dead

Feb 12, 04:31 AM

Keith teases an idea for a great Valentine Day gift but he will not announce until we get closer to Thursday. Keith wants to see Yeng and Shaun make some good plans. 

Andy Baskin, talk show host, 92.3 the fan in Cleveland joins the show. What do the people of Cleveland think about the Kareem Hunt signing. Andy says they love it since Kareem played high school and college ball in the state of Ohio. Keith makes fun of the Cavaliers playing the Knicks tonight at the Q. 

Keith and Shaun love the latest episode of the Walking Dead. Its going to be a great 2nd half to the season.