Feb. 12th, hour 1: Drafting third base, closers past the 5th round, Antonio Brown, and more...

Feb 12, 2019, 08:13 PM

Dr. Roto and Adam Ronis open the show looking at how to structure drafting by position, with Dr. Roto saying 3rd base is a mess, and Adam saying he will wait until 8th or 9th round to take a top closer. Speaking about closers, the guys explain why taking top closers like Edwin Diaz could be an issue, citing how even for the top pitchers, the position is a revolving door on almost every team. The guys figure out what the Steelers will do with Antonio Brown, who publicly said he is ready to move on from Pittsburgh. Adam and Dr. Roto also make the argument that Kyler Murray's small stature will not hurt his play in the NFL, citing that there are plenty of quarterbacks over 6 ft. tall, that are not at the talent level of the Heisman Trophy winner. The guys finish the hour looking at if Manny Machado would be best fit with the Phillies. 

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