"You are going to need to tell this story much longer than anyone is going to want to listen"

Feb 12, 08:23 PM
We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to call the people we listen to. Are they clients? Friends? Storytellers?
Nothing quite fit. We wanted a name that represented the type of relationship we try to build and the way we value those we listen to, but we struggled to find a single word that could accomplish exactly what we needed.
In the end, we were surprised to find the answer staring right at us.
Someone with a story to share. Someone who needs a friend. Someone who is grieving, angry, lonely, afraid, or has questions about matters of faith.
Someone who simply needs Someone to listen.
This is our special sauce; it’s our identifying quality. Because everyone is the “Someone” in Someone To Tell It To. 

In this episode, we have two special Someones, with a powerful story to tell about all things life: depression, losses, broken hearts, broken dreams--and much, much redemption.