How to leverage the equity in your home to invest!

Season 1, Episode 11,  Feb 14, 2019, 04:40 PM

This week Tom & Adam discuss how to use the wealth tied up in your home and explain the different strategies that will allow you to access these funds.

Is Adam brave or stupid?.. He has proposed to his wife that they sell their family home and go into rented so they can use the equity to invest in property. This is a strategy famously outlined in the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

Tom & Adam go into detail on the various strategies to use the equity tied up in your home. Strategies discussed:

1. Let to buy
2. Remortgage
3. Further Advance 
4. Secured Loan
5. Lifetime Mortgages (Bank of Grandma & Grandad)
6. Cross Securitisation

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