r/china, Samsung Smart Fridge memes, and u/dogboobes uses Sims to talk Bryson into getting a loveseat

Feb 18, 09:34 AM

Well everyone, the end of Reddit as we know it is nigh. This week, news broke that Chinese cyber heavyweights Tencent are investing 150m fat ones into our favorite Internet orifice, Reddit. Does this actually mean that Reddit is going to dramatically shift into some weird Chinese censorship experiment? No. Does it mean that Reddit will host a lot more one finger challenges? Here's hoping. Either way, this news meant that the entire week was dominated by posts reminding China that not even the most cuddly Winnie the Pooh communists can tarnish our collective desire to make dick jokes on photos of kittens and people freaking out in public. So, we decided to do a deep dive into the r/China subreddit, and have a civilized conversation about some of the issues facing our increasingly complicated relationship with the East. Plus, Deadmau5 is a dick (to absolutely noone's suprise), everyone reads exclusively using Audible, and u/itsyerdad does a pisspoor job explaining the Yugoslavian war. This episode brought to you by every restaurant named Super China Buffet in the United States.