#FunkNFantasy Mount Rushmore Galore

Feb 20, 02:25 AM

Normally Luigi would be live from the wonderful Moonshine Philly but not tonight! tonight! Tonight he brought you all into his very own living room! (wipe your feet damn it).

It was President's Day on monday and so a day late but never a buck short on this progarm, we brought to you..... Mount Rushmore Galore! Luigi was filling in all types of Mount Rushmore's from sports to entertainment and anything else that came to your messed up minds. Luigi went on a few mini rants and also gave his feelings on the Machado and Haper MLB Free Agency soap opera as well. Tons of interaction on tonight's show.

 Joe Quillen was chilling with Luigi tonight once again so make sure you show him some love before Luigi shows him the door!

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