NBA Playoff Push, Bochy Retiring and Antonio Brown's Future

Feb 20, 04:54 AM

Deuce and Mo return with Morgan talking about starring in a commercial (00:30), her experience hanging out with Steph Curry in Charlotte (2:40), they looked back at All-Star weekend and Deuce explains how to REALLY fix the dunk contest (7:35), how the Anthony Davis situation plays out and if his reputation has taken a hit (13:40), the Kings crazy tough schedule and what they have to do over that stretch (21:10), Sports Illustrated's piece on the Kings (23:30), creating the greatest street ball team (27:00), Manny Machado's 300 million deal with the Padres and where Bryce could land (29:20), Deuce gets way too emotional about Bruce Bochy retiring (37:20), people caring about De'Aaron Fox not liking In-N-Out (49:00), Antonio Brown's time in Pittsburgh is coming to an end and if he's worth the drama he may bring (50:10), they get to Truth or Trash including Harden's streak, PG13 for MVP, MadBum trade and Lakers postseason hopes (58:30) and they close with the mailbag (01:06:01).