IGTV - waiting to thrive or die?; LinkedIn gets crafty with live videos; and Esquire's shock marketing gone wrong

Feb 20, 09:23 PM

This week, host Danika is joined in studio by our very own Susie who gives a fresh outlook on this week's trending topics. (And if any of you can guess where Susie's accent is from, you get 1000 gold stars from us.)

The ladies chat through Instagram's announcement to bring DMs to their app's web version and to incorporate IGTV into users' news feeds, stemming the more general topic of if there is a place for IGTV at all in Instagram. Let's just say that there may not be host-consensus on this! 

Also trending this week is the discussion about Esquire's cover model and story that is making a lot of people VERY ANGRY. Was this shock marketing? Or just plain ignorance? Find out all this and more on The Trend Report!

Thanks for listening!