Joining the dots – designing services for the public sector

Feb 21, 12:00 PM

In our fifth podcast we hear from Registers of Scotland’s Clare Barnett, User Experience Lead, Hilary Brownlie, Head of Service Design and Innovation and the Service Design Lead at the Scottish Government, Anna Henderson on how to design services for the public sector.

Did you know that there’s evidence of service design in our Land Registers as far back as 1807? Thomas Thomson wanted to improve what was at that time a rather busy and hard to decipher Register; pages and pages of tightly covered entries in small cramped writing with no space between them. Enter Thomas who introduced limited number of words per page, added margins and search aids. This meant searching became more efficient and it reduced time and cost for Registers of Scotland.

So basically he was improving the search for data, and making it easier to digest by being a content producer, creating style guideline version 1 for Registers of Scotland and creating a single source of truth. Sound familiar?

Listen to the full podcast for insights into how Registers of Scotland and Scottish Government design services for the citizens and for information on the Public Sector Design Community.

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