Interview - Gavriel Merkado - Founder & CEO of REalyse

Season 1, Episode 12,  Feb 21, 2019, 10:32 AM

Super interesting episode!.. This week the boys interview Gavriel Merkado, Founder & CEO of REalyse and using their platform find out where in the UK is hot to invest based on data and statistics!

In this episode Tom & Adam have an open discussion with Gav covering various areas that include:

1. Gav’s personal journey.
2. Big data and the power of information.
3. The process of launching a tech firm and raising seed and start up capital.
4. How the REalyse platform works and how its arming investors and developers with vital statistics.
5. Market trends – Where is good to invest in the UK from a data perspective.
6. The due diligence process in property investing.
7. Gav’s management style and recruitment process. 
8. The future of REalyse and Gav’s plans for international expansion 

REalyse's vision is to transform the world’s most valuable asset class (real estate) by making it faster, easier and more efficient for property professionals to determine where, when and what to build.

Using REalyse's big data analytics platform, users can save 90% of the time they previously spent on the typical appraisal or investment selection process. This, in turn, can ensure that property professionals can increase returns and reduce their risks and costs. 

To contact REalyse for a demo of the platform visit or follow them on their social media:

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