TMS Specials : The Shooting Star with Shivya Nath

Feb 21, 06:53 PM


Listen to the episode and answer these 3 simple questions and stand a chance to win a copy of Shivya's best seller - The Shooting Star 

1. Which Indian town did Shivya spend her childhood in? 

2. In which country did Shivya go to university? 

3. What is the title of Shivya's best selling book?  

Email your responses to before March 7th 2019! The winners will be announced on the next episode of the podcast! 

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to none other than the Shooting Star - Shivya Nath, top travel blogger and now author with her national best seller, The Shooting Star! 

Interview Highlights:  

  • Shivya talks about her time growing up in India, where she spent her childhood in and what were her erstwhile ambitions 

  • We talk to Shivya about her journey away from home for university, how that shaped her choices as a person and how eventually she succumbed to her 'calling'  

  • Shivya also talks about tryst with a 9-5 job, how she constantly craved for freedom and how eventually she quit her job to move back to India 

  • We talk about Shivya's tryst with entrepreneurship, the highs and the lows and some difficult decisions 

  • We also discuss about Shivya's travel philosophy, her roots and the place she calls home, being a digital nomad and giving up her home 

  • We finish the interview by talking about her choices, how she chose veganism, the percpetions and the reality of being a vegan traveler and some final thoughts to finish off the interview.   


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