Ep.14 - BRITs, 'Sportswashing' & Jussie Smollett

Feb 22, 11:00 AM
It's been a long week for me personally, went to London for three days, the wallet is malnourished, but I still got your weekly dose of "What's Good?"

Beginning with the Music segment, The BRIT Awards (1:58) which is probably the deadest Awards show in nearly every way from how I see it. Hosting is pound-for-pound the worst, rarely any upsets and when there are upsets, they make no sense.

We then move swiftly onto Sports (10:51) which is all about the fresh conversation of 'Sportswashing' which talks about how oppressive regimes, mainly in the Middle East are buying football teams to "soften" their brand. 

The Life Segment (32:15) is a fun quiz I ran into recently. The NY Times created a "British/Irish Dialect Quiz" which asks you 25 questions about what & how we in the British Isles say certain things and maps them based on where other people who have taken the test are from. I find it fascinating how such a small island has so many nicknames for a woodlouse.

Lastly, in the Film/TV segment (56:25) I finally talk about Jussie Smollett. I could've talked about it in earlier shows but I wanted to stay silent on it until the majority of the story panned out. It's still evolving but I wanted to recap the madness that has gone on so far. 

(CORRECTION: As part of the Film/TV segment, I say that there have been 21,000 hate crimes in the US in the past six years. It's not in a six year span, it's actually between 2016-2018...)

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