Coming Out as Dalit, with Yashica Dutt

Feb 24, 05:00 AM

Journalist Yashica Dutt talks about how she passed as being upper caste and what made her finally come out as Dalit.

It was after reading the suicide note of Dalit student Rohith Vemula that Yashica Dutt, a journalist living in New York, decided that she was going to stop living a lie. It was in that moment that she decided that she was going to admit to her friends and colleagues something that she had hidden for years - that she was Dalit. In this episode she talks to Sandip Roy about her memoir, <em>Coming Out as Dalit</em>, that details her experience of passing off as upper caste, coming to terms with her new identity and the insidious ways in which the caste system continues to affect the Indian society.