Dan Vinci (Producer - Big Narstie, Sir David Attenborough, Laura Wright, Johny Dar)

Feb 26, 08:00 AM

It's the end of February 2019 and here is a chat I had with the wonderful Dan Vinci in September 2018 for the Behind the Business Podcast.

I have known Dan for a number of years due to an assortment of mutual friends in Saaf London. He is a great chap and a solid football play. He can run for days. He invited me round to his flat in Brixton and we chatted about getting into the world of producing.

Dan has some really great insights (especially when it comes to the strategic use of Haribo in studio sessions to get the best out of the artist) and is generally a great person to sit down and talk to about music. Genuine passion is evident in everything he says.

We didn’t get the chance to talk about a number of really interesting projects he had at the time and some he has done between the record and now so hopefully i will be able to get him back on to chat about those (especially his work with Sir David Attenborough).

Regular listeners will also notice some of the music has been altered. Dan was more than just an interview, he also offered up some small choice cuts of his catalogue for his episode.

As with all my guest massive thanks to them for getting involved. It has really meant a lot to me. If you are interested in reaching out to dan or any of the guests from this series of the podcast please do get in touch with me using the email listed below. Check out dan via his website and The Dandadda project as well, also listed below.

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