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Feb 25, 2019, 05:31 PM

This is who Tanushree Ishani Das is in her own words -

"Dibrugarh, Assam, Bangalore, London and now Hyderabad, I believe the world is my oyster.  The year 2017 gave me the opportunity to venture into the entrepreneurial world. It was exciting but at the same time nerve wrecking because I realised that I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders- what I think or how I think could probably shape other people’s thoughts, what I do could inspire or influence the actions of people; but I’m here to make a difference, break stereotypes and grab every opportunity possible to do my bit and strongly contribute to a community of womenpreneurs. Ex Goldman and KCL alumni, a publisher author, I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and a human in progress."

Tanushree’s tryst with entrepreneurship initially started with leading the Mount Carmel College Entrepreneurship cell Initium. Her career started with Goldman Sachs in 2010 from Mount Carmel College (Bangalore). She then went down to London, to pursue M Sc. in Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology from King’s College and finally at LookUp where she did her last gig before starting BodyCafé. 

Her research “How Appraisal affects motivation in India & UK,” has recently been published in the form of a book by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Tanushree is ‘one of the founders’ of BodyCafé :) BodyCafé is an organic health and wellness brand to inspire people to adopt to a healthy lifestyle and make real choices.

One of the interesting bits of conversation was where Tanu speaks of her GOT-Soap (Dracaris) which had an infusion of dragon-fruit. It was in response to a question on what keeps her creative juices flowing that Tanu brings this up and the answer is something worth listening to.

When asked what her inputs would be for people who would want to chart a path towards their passion, she says -

"Don't follow trends, listen to your gut. Do things yourself and never expect things to arrive on a platter. In case it happens, one will never realise it's value."

Tanu fondly reflects on how set-backs are a part of the journey and the way it helps her stay grounded when asked how she deals with the incredible ebbs and flows that come with being an entrepreneur.

A huge thanks to Vishnu from Writer and Geek Show who helped set up this interview and for permission to use the swanky recording set up!

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