A Little Story

Mar 07, 06:30 AM

TeeJay LOVES stories. She uses stories for her work and explains why they are so powerful.

TeeJay LOVES stories.
If you think about it we are surrounded by stories; in books, newspapers, magazines, on the radio, on the telly and on the internet.
Of course we shouldn't also forget the stories we create ourselves every day.

Stories are entertaining, informative, educational and a great way of keeping memories alive.
You'll hear stories passed down from generation to generation, although who knows how much of the original stories are still in place.

Stories can be fact, fiction or somewhere in between. And stories have often been told in the form of fables and parables to help bring important messages to life.

In this episode TeeJay reads the story "The Flood" by Julian Russell. It's from the book "The Magic of Metaphor: 77 stories for teachers, trainers & thinkers" by Nick Owen and published by Crown House Publishing Limited.

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