Staying fit and active with Walking Football

Feb 27, 2019, 10:28 AM

More and more research tells us that staying fit, healthy and active is crucial to staying healthy. But in a new place, without the community we had it can be hard to do. Brian Gregory from Walking Football Spain explains how the community they have built keep their players fit and healthy and social!

More and more research tells us that staying active and social combats a laundry list of illnesses and conditions. (
We talk to Brian Gregory, organiser of Walking Football Spain about how his players have created an active, vibrant community on the coast for locals and expats helping to keep them healthy and active.
And with increasing research discussing how loneliness ( can also have a huge impact on health, we also talk about the friendships and community that happen in the bar after each game 
With players in their 90's Brian explains how the young whippersnappers of only 50 are struggling to keep to the "only walking" rule dispelling some of the nonsense about what you can and can't do as we get older (
For those keen to play get in touch via their Facebook page -  or via the website -