#FunkNFantasy What Do We Get For Ten Dollars?

Feb 28, 02:11 AM

On tonight's dumpster fire, We talked about The Robert Kraft situation and rubbed out all the details... Also, Luigi gave his very clear thought's on the Bryce Haprer debacle and how he would handle this whole thing. But, for a second more rational opinion (maybe) Eytan Shander of The Derailed Pod cast with Harry Mayes joined us to talk about that and the Nick Foles FA news that broke before the show this afternoon. Definitley an interview you won't want to miss.

We had a little Oscar's recap and Luigi gave a very unpopular opinion that will make a lot of folks question their own morals and values.

Have you ever posted a food pic on social media? one that you've made? Have you ever seen some of the responses by the thirst hungry crowd out there? well Luigi had a little message for those fine folks as well.

He also had someone try and steal his car the other day right in front of him and hilarity ensued.

 Joe Quillen was chilling with Luigi tonight once again so make sure you show him some love before Luigi shows him the door!

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