A Sandwich and Some Sleep!!

Feb 28, 04:00 PM

Kellie and Allen live sleep-deprived lives. Allen's is from sleep apnea, which he's gotten under control. Kellie's is from taking her cell phone to bed and falling down that rabbit hole called Twitter. Kellie shares an article she found about the physical damage we're doing to our bodies when we don't get enough sleep. It's very eye-opening and may have you going to bed a little earlier tonight!

Nobody likes to talk about dying, but the odds are, it's going to happen! Both Kellie and Allen remember the ugliness that came out of their grandparents not having wills and don't want to have a repeat of that after they're gone. What does Kellie want to leave to her daughter? What does Allen want etched into his tombstone? Allen wants to be buried HOW??? Find out what's in the will on this episode of A Sandwich and Some Lovin'!