Interview - Steve Matthews - Head of Buy-to-Let at Octopus Finance

Season 1, Episode 13,  Feb 28, 2019, 04:31 PM

Tom & Adam are joined by longtime friend and Tom's old Sales Manager, Steve Matthews. Steve is now the Head of Buy-to-Let at Octopus Finance. The guys have an in-depth chat about the buy-to-let market in general and touch on some specifics of Brexit, Octopus Finance (£9bn under management) and they make market predictions for the future of Buy-to-Let.

Over the course of this fun episode Tom, Adam and Steve discuss: 

Steve's personal history and career path.
The history of specialst finance.
Who Octopus Finance are and what they do for Investors.
Crowd Funding.
How best to present investments to lenders.
Market conditions, Brexit and market predictions.
Buy to let vs Renovations (Flips).

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