Paul Carter AKA Benbrick (Artist, Composer, Arranger, Producer)

Mar 05, 08:00 AM

Thanks for coming back to EPISODE 19!!!! Of my music business podcast ‘Behind the Business’. This weeks is a corker and its with artist, producer and songwriter ‘Paul Carter AKA Benbrick’.

Benbrick is a multi-platinum selling and award-winning songwriter currently producing & composing on George The Poet’s podcast. Obsessed with technology; Benbrick advises on a number of start ups, as well as writing about emerging technology and blockchain. Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Work week he designed an app to help him reach out to anyone. This led to Ricky Gervais calling him “a future genius” with “stunningly beautiful” music. Benbrick wrote the end credits theme to the Japanese Academy Award winning movie Evangelion 3.33. The single was included in the Japan Record Awards Album Of The Year which also charted at #1 on the US Billboard World Albums chart selling over 1 million copies.

We met up at the tail end of summer last year in his Studio in the Tileyard complex and we had an awesome chat about his career and how he goes about doing what he does. I had never met Paul before this meetup so an extra big thank you to him for getting involved in this project of mine so early on.

I hope to get him back on in the not too distant future to talk a bit more in detail about things like his charity work as well as the current podcast project he has with George the Poet.

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