Can We Finally Win At Boro? pre-match podcast

Mar 07, 07:35 AM

The Beesotted crew convened at the George IV in Chiswick to chew the fat on all things Brentford following last weekend’s stocking win against QPR at Griffin Park. 

We look back to that superb derby victory, discuss the club’s Women in Football seminar, drill down into some proper footy data, look at Tuesday’s B team match against Malmo, speak with Boro Rob from Fly Me To The Moon fanzine in Five From The Hive, and give our thoughts on the two big away matches in the week ahead.


00:00 - 04:22 Hello from the George IV

04:25 - 22:00 QPR post match celebrations

22:02 - 37:18 Brentford’s Women In Football Seminar

37:20 - 42:40 Malmo at GP to play the Bees’ Bs

42:42 - 58:00 xG Dave’s Data Fountain

58:02 - End Boro, Five From The Hive, and Bees v Sheffield United

In the pub were: Dave Lane, Dave ‘xG Dave’ Anderson, Ali Mullally and Matt ‘The Allard’ Allard