Evan Daniels, AZ Fintech Sandbox

Mar 08, 2019, 03:00 PM

This week’s episode of the Fintech Focus podcast is going local. We’re heading west to Arizona where fintech startups are being welcomed with open arms into the state’s fintech regulatory sandbox. 

Last year, Arizona became the first state to launch a regulatory sandbox specifically for fintech. Spearheaded by State Attorney General Mark Brnovich and inspired by regulatory sandboxes in Asia and Europe, lawmakers are hoping the initiative will put the state’s fintech scene on the map.

To talk us through the thought process behind it, which types of companies they’re looking for, and what the terms of the sandbox are, we caught up with Evan Daniels, the Arizona Fintech Sandbox’s in-house counsel. Enjoy.


AZ Fintech Sandbox: https://www.azag.gov/fintech

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