r/missedconnections, Leaving Neverland made us feel weird, and u/myfreeday plays ball with strangers

Mar 11, 07:00 AM

After another meth-addled episode bites the dust, we're back. This time, we discuss one of the Internet's favorite ongoing daytime dramedies - Missed Connections. First made famous on CraigsList, Missed Connections is, of course, the home of all desperate romantics looking for their last chance to find that person whose passing glance left them feeling that their long-lost lover was seen in the Sears returns line. Or, more often than not, it's some guy named Carl looking for a Beej from a stranger near Pamona. Either way, it's a beautiful thing that deserves close examination, starting with r/missedconnections, and ending where all good things end, Fresno. Plus, we give our take on the newly disturbing Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland, u/itsyerdad is a woodnymph for people who believe in crystals, and u/dogboobes tells us about the one time that Michael Jordan used her family solely to spite some other guy. This episode brought to you by the Vietnam War.