Gerard Phillips (Young Turks Music Publishing)

Mar 12, 08:00 AM

Bloody hell this is episode 20 of my Behind the (music) business podcast where I sit down with an assortment of people from all areas of the UK music Industry to find out what they do and what makes them tick. Still a few more to come from this first wave of episodes but there might be a short break between this and episode 21 (just a heads ups).

This week's episode is a chat I had in my kitchen in Bristol with Gerard Phillips. Currently heading up operations at the recently formed music publishing arm of Young Turks. I have known Gerard for a while now since I was part of the team at peermusic publishing and he was heading up Songs Publishings UK office.

We talked about his start in the music business via record label A&R and his work throughout the early 00s with indie label Independente as well as his time at EMI before he migrated across to the world of music publishing.

It was a fun conversation and Gerard is always really open and honest about this stuff and a great guy to chat to about all things A&R and music publishing.

As with the other 19 guests that I have had on so far, a MASSIVE thank you to Gerard for giving me the time to sit down and chat. It means a great deal that they have got involved in this little project I have started. Long may it continue.

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