What does Acupuncture Treat

Mar 12, 11:44 AM

All things Acupuncture! Estelle talks to Rebecca Richards a British trained acupuncturist about everything acupuncture can do and how to make sure your acupuncturist is qualified to treat you.

Our 3rd episode! And this time we are talking to the ever lovely Rebecca Richards, our British trained Acupuncturist here at the clinic.

We went into details about how to check that your acupuncturist is qualified to treat you (yeah, I know, I’m always on about the qualifications but it is really, REALLY important! I only want to interview people I trust to give you accurate information!). So here are the links that Rebecca mentions – British Acupuncture Counciland the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

We also discuss what acupuncture can be used to treat and what you might feel during and after treatment. Explaining the understanding we have of why acupuncture can help with certain conditions as the science has come a loooooooong way from some of the vague mutterings about “energy” or “chi” that used to be associated with acupuncture.

Also discussed are how to manage long term chronic conditions, especially once you feel that you have run out of medications, or perhaps can’t add anything new to the mix but still need additional support.

A fascinating chat with a great practitioner and we hope to hear more from Rebecca in the future!