Perry Rahbar, dv01

Episode 22
Mar 15, 2019, 04:47 PM

In this episode of the Fintech Focus podcast, we talk about the world of mortgage-backed securities and how one person who had an inside look at how everything went down on Wall Street during the Great Recession. If you’ve seen the movie The Big Short (so many great wigs in that movie) or had a stake in mortgage during that time, then this pod is for you.

We sat down with Perry Rahbar, a Bear Stearns alum who traded said mortgage-backed securities that helped fuel the financial roller coaster in the middle of the last decade. After seeing everything happen firsthand, Rahbar wanted to build an infrastructure between lenders and the capital markets that wasn’t present at the time. So, he did, and wants to make sure the financial market doesn’t make the same mistakes twice.



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