Episode 202 - Jake Duzsik (HEALTH)

Mar 17, 2019, 05:34 AM

Almost 8 years ago, Damian, host of this show, & Jake Duzsik, of the awesome band HEALTH, had a hang so epic it left both men changed. Now, they are finally reunited & it was glorious! Listen in as the two discuss skateboarding, wrestling, success & how it all comes together: PUNK!

Also Touched On:

An Epic Hang A Couple A Few Years Back


Going With You Dad To See Nirvana At Age 11

Pearl Jam Being Amazing But Not Being That Into Them

Butthole Surfers Go Mainstream

Come As You Are & Our Band Could Be Your Life

Dad Works With Kim Thayil

Getting into peace punk and becoming snobbie 

East Bay Ray can play!

Not starting a band until your 20s

Seeing Submission Hold

How tiny DIY punk and hardcore ws in the 90s

The Artier free jazz side of Crass

Being the outliers of the Smell Scene

Noise in Brooklyn vs. Noise in LA in the early 2000’s

Not liking the Decendents

The emotional playing of the Dead Milkmen

loving the guitars first

Listen to only Frankenchrist for a whole summer

Jake Goes to College

NOFX takes over

Driving in cars with snowboarders singing Bro-Hymn

The Punk side of skateboarding

The Punk side of wrestling

Wrestings VS Skateboarding: battle for punk

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!