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Title: Arabia: the cradle of Islam : studies in the geography, people and politics of the peninsula, with an account of Islam and mission work

Year: 1900 (1900s)

Authors: Zwemer, Samuel Marinus, 1867-1952

Subjects: Missions -- Arabian Peninsula Islam Islam Arabian Peninsula Arabian Peninsula -- Description and travel Arabian Peninsula -- Missions

Publisher: New York Toronto : F. H. Revell

Contributing Library: Princeton Theological Seminary Library

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e. Thestreets are nearly all unpaved and in summer the sand anddust are as disagreeable as is the black mud in the rainy sea-son. Strangely enough, although the city itself and even theKaaba have more than once suffered from destructive floodsthat have poured down the narrow valley, Mecca is poorlyprovided with water. There are few cisterns to catch therains and the well water is brackish. The famous well ofZemzem has an abundance of water but it is not fit to drink.^The best water is brought by an aqueduct from the vicinity ofArafat six or seven miles distant and sold for a high price by awater-trust which annually fills the coffers of the Shereef of • Professor Hankin in the British Medical Journal for June, 1894, pub-lished the result of his analysis of Zemzem water as follows: Totalsolid in a gallon, 259; Chlorine, 51.24; Free ammonia, parts per mil-lion, 0.93 ; Albuminoid ammonia, .45. It contains an amount of solidsgreater than that in any well water used for potable purposes.

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THE HOLY LAND OF ARABIA—MECCA 35 Mecca. This official is the nominal and often the real gover-nor of the city. He is chosen from the Sayyids or descendantsof Mohammed living in Hejaz or secures the high office byforce. His tenure of office is subject to the approval and au-thority of the Turkish Sultan, whose garrisons occupy the fortnear the town. The Sacred Mosque, (Mesjid el Haram) containing theKaaba or Beit Allah is the prayer-centre of the Mohammedanworld and the objective point of thousands of pilgrims everyyear. According to Moslem writers it was first constructed inheaven, 2,000 years before the creation of the world. Adam,the first nian, built the Kaaba on earth exactly under the spotoccupied by its perfect model in heaven. The 10,000 angelsappointed to guard this house of God seem to have been veryremiss in their duty for it has often suffered at the hands ofmen and from the elements. It was destroyed by the flood andrebuilt by Ishmael and Abraham. The legends connected w

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Strange Rebels: 4 of 4: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. Christian Caryl (Author), Patrick Lawlor (Narrator), Inc. Blackstone Audio (Publisher)