r/justiceporn, the college admission scandal, and u/dogboobes is cutting back from 2 packs a pod

Mar 19, 2019, 07:28 AM

Well, this college admission scandal thing really makes us feel nice. Quite frankly, there's nothing we love more than watching rich white people get in trouble for being quintessentially rich and white. Which means that when we saw Felicity Huffman and that Mossimo guy get in trouble for hiring a full-grown adult to take their literally dumb kid's SAT test, we got pretty collectively aroused. And because we're now chasing the white pony of justice, we decided to dig into r/justiceporn this week. Plus, as a member of the highest echelon of college-educated salt-minters, u/myfreeday is uniquely qualified to tell us about the fight between America's vanguard and the proletariat. Plus, u/dogboobes cyberbullies us on the air, white supremacists continue to be the world's most purgeable humans, and the Rand Corporation continues to give us work. This episode brought to you by salt.