Bottom Barrel Pt.1

Mar 20, 07:00 PM

This episode is a two-part series where both Gervinchy and TiDi share reasons as to why "bottom barrel" is used in the TwoTone dictionary to this day. As we cross paths with our two counterparts: Bola (from Winterfell) and Remi, Along with IA; We will all discuss and share our views as to why certain events or situations put us and our community in such a bad light. 


  • Roddy Ricch UK concert 

  • Knife Crime & Faron Paul (#FazAmnesty) 

  • Policing in the UK

  • Problems of the Motherland 

  • Environmental Pressures

  • London Riots

  • Prison

  • Issues in our community 


Hosts: Gervinchy & TiDi

Guests: Remi, Bola & IA

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