For The Love of Sports

Mar 21, 02:16 AM

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce reflecting on the issues with last weeks podcast and calling Morgan Ragan annoying (1:20), they look back at the Kings losing a 25-point lead to the Nets, how it happened and D'Angelo's incredible run (4:17), how Bagley and Giles look on the floor together (18:00), what team is the best story in the NBA (22:00), LeBron James mailing it in and if it's OK if he is (25:40), Kyrie talking about sitting out games before playoffs (32:40), the Nuggets benching Isaiah Thomas and where his career is headed (36:00), why people should adopt teams for March Madness and people faking sports knowledge (39:00), Bell signing with the Jets (48:40) the Raiders winning an award for the Mack trade and why they signed Burfict (51:50), MLBs identity crisis and the A's starting the season in a weird way (57:30) and they close with a HUGE Deuce and Mo mailbag (01:05:30).