Mining Mobile Plant Maintenance

Mar 21, 10:40 AM

On this episode Shaun and Mark discuss the the challenges faced by the Mining Industry today.

Mark Powell covers his take on the current market dynamics. During this update he covers:  

  • Current rates of pay (East and West coast)  

  • The importance of investing in front line leaders to attract and retain key talent 

  • The importance of career paths and running a fluent and efficient recruitment process 

  • How we are assisting our clients create new talent pools 

  • Other dynamics that we are seeing today that we witnessed in the last boom

  • His prediction on market conditions in the coming months 

Mark has been working within the mining market for now 11 years and is frequently onsite and in front of both clients and candidates so if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to him or one of his team. His experience is across mining companies, mining contractors, OEM’s and specialist maintenance consultancies and encompasses open cut, underground and multiple commodities.