First Aid in Spain - What to do in an emergency

Mar 21, 02:13 PM

Would you know what to do? That's the powerful question that we asked ourselves in our First Aid Course with nurse and midwife Anne Halpenny. Today she explains what you can do in a crisis.

Today I talk to Anne Halpenny from First Aid Spain.
Anne is a nurse and a midwife who I have worked with for well over a decade. But today we chat after our First Aid course at the clinic.
Would you know what to do? 
Anne starts her course asking about situations when you might have wanted or used your previous knowledge of First Aid. And asks if we would know what to do in these situations.
We go from our (fortunately limited!) real life experiences to simulations and techniques.

We also talk about what to do in an emergency and Anne talks us through what to do, with or without First Aid training, if you do end up on the scene in an emergency.

Important points - Emergency number in EUROPE - 112

And make sure you listen to the end for Anne's top tip in an emergency - it's not what you think!

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