Novelty and Non-Obviousness

Mar 22, 01:30 PM

This week: Blockchain patents; IP challenges in the opensource ecosystem, Walmart's Robots; and Initial Exchange Offerings.

Summary 📚
#publicstate ep9 ‘Novelty and Non-Obviousness’ just landed 👽🛸 #blockchain #patents and #stopbullying. This week we discuss IP challenges in the #opensource ecosystem, Walmart's Robots; who’s winning the race to patent💨 and the ⚔️ fight against it!

We ask: how do we protect our company's intellectual property🛡️; where to find open source licenses📜;  what’s the threat of banks 🏦 filing patents for startups; should highly specialized chemical formulas used to produce drugs be patented on the blockchain 🤣; and is anyone patenting Initial Exchange Offerings❔ Enjoy!

Links 🔗
  1. Choose a License
  2. Microsoft makes its 60000 patents open source to help linux
  3. Patentability of Blockchain Technology 
  4. IBM, Walmart and Alibaba leading the patent gold rush
  5. Blockchain Robot patent from Walmart
  6. Binance Initial Exchange Offering

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