To be, or not to be a vegan activist: that is the question

Episode 8,  Mar 22, 2019, 10:25 AM

Welcome back listeners! In our eighth episode of ItAllVeganWithFriends we (Jay, Becks, Sam and Lindsey) share with you our thoughts on what it means to be an animal activist. What can you do and is it ever enough.

We will ask the questions: What does it mean to be an activist, is it all or nothing? should we be more accepting of peoples individual limits when it comes to being an activist or are we making excuses. How can we do more in the way of activism and how can we encourage others to take those first steps without discouraging them completely? 

"Hide me in the shadows, kill me in the darkness, and all will be forgotten. But shine a light upon my death, and I will be everywhere ….and justice will be my name"

The Save Movement