#Walkingthecatbackwards October 2017: More Samantha Power questions left unanswered. @Crosett @ThadMcCotter

Mar 24, 01:58 PM


October 2017: More Samantha Power questions left unanswered. @Crosett @ThadMcCotter

The issue flared, however, after the unmasked name of the Trump administration’s disgraced former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was leaked in connection with conversations with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. Concerned at the leakage of unmasked names, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been delving into what happened, and how to prevent abuses. In May, the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the unmasking requests of three former senior Obama administration officials: Power, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and CIA Director John Brennan. Power agreed in July to appear before the House committee; Rice spoke to the committee in closed-door session on Sept. 6. Power’s role in the unmasking affair was highlighted by Nunes in a July 27 letter to Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats. In the letter, the House committee chairman cited an unnamed Obama Administration official for the high volume of their unmasking requests, noting that this official’s position had “no apparent intelligence-related function.” The official was widely believed to be Power, something she never denied. In August, Nunes wrote to the head of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael Rogers, asking for the total number of unmasking requests made by former deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, during the 13 months prior to President Trump’s inauguration. With the exception of career-CIA officer Brennan, the other persons are a group of politically-appointed Obama loyalists, all serving at various times during his administration on the National Security Council.