Debunking Neuro Linguistics Programming: The study and process of SUCCESS, With Gina Mollicone-Long

Mar 25, 02:00 PM

Presidents, entrepreneurs, athletes, actors and many others have used (Neuro Linguistics Programming) to propel themselves towards their goals and also stop the process of self-sabotage and in doing so unlocking their potential. In the show Shaun defines with Gina Mollicone-Long(NLP guru, motivational speaker and world renowned author) and explores how NLP helps people change their thoughts, behaviours and habits in their quest to achieve their desired outcomes and to get out of their own way. 

During the show we cover

· The impact of the language you use

· Dealing with anxiety

· The “process” of change

· Brain hacks to get your mind working for you

· Habits and patterns of behaviour

· The deference between the goal getter (conscious mind) and goal getter (unconscious mind)