Brand Comms CEO Alan Green talks to Catenae Innovations CEO Tony Sanders

Mar 25, 12:50 PM

Brand Comms CEO Alan Green talks to Tony Sanders, CEO of AIM listed Catenae Innovation (CTEA). Tony explains how Catenae have developed a range of blockchain applications for Onside, Onguard and Onsite, an application for multiple commercial processes. Tony talks through a recent contract win: a Firedoor inspection contract, which creates an annual annuity stream plus revenue per transaction. On the recent funding, Tony discusses the management team, which between them have invested over £300k from over the past 2 placings and now own over 7% between them. He explains how the funds will be used for sales and marketing, and how Catenae are one of the few companies around the world already earning money from the commercial application of blockchain in areas other than crypto currency.