Greens - Gold Dust For Our Bodies

Mar 26, 11:00 AM

Claiming that I’m obsessed with greens (vegetables in general to be honest) is probably an understatement. I LOVE broccoli and courgettes (or zucchinis depending on where you’re from!) and eat them most days, if not every day. I always have a container in the fridge full of cooked, steamed or roasted veggies and a huge bag of prepared salad so that meal times are that little bit easier. I am genuinely one of those people that loves vegetables and I’m not afraid to say so! If I go a day or two without nourishing my body with them, I feel cranky, irritable, lethargic and de-motivated. My days seem to just run so much smoother (both mentally and physically) when I fill my plate with all that green, colourful goodness.

In this episode, I cover the benefits of eating greens and why they're necessary for our diets and how you can get more greens into your diet daily!