Mix Foley - How Can You Slap?: The Interview... PLUS EXCLUSIVE TRACKS

Mar 25, 2019, 10:30 PM

Mix Foley is a Toronto-based Hip Hop producer. He believes in certain traditions. For one, he stays true to the sampling methods of his heroes, producing all of his beats on an MPC using samples from his vinyl collection. For another, he only released his new mixtape, How Can You Slap? exclusively on literal cassette tapes.

Mix Foley cracks a can of Old Milwaukee with us as we talk about the new tape, the old methods, the problem with modern-day classic rock, and the Toronto Hip Hop scene.

@fiymolex // @subtleblendtoronto on Instagram

Music from Mix Foley:

“Needy,” “Pimps,” and “Regatta Q” from How Can You Slap?

“_Nineteen” Old Milwaukee Podcast Exclusive

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