r/prisonreviews, DYR questions toe British courtroom wig industry, and u/itsyerdad promotes cyberbullying again

Mar 26, 2019, 06:31 PM

This week, u/myfreeday decides to give us a surprise on which topic we decided to cover. Incidentally, considering all the legal hogwash the world's been involved in this week, we talked about r/prisonreviews, a subreddit semi-dedicated to Yelp reviews of actual prisons. Sometimes brilliant satire on the state of our prison system, sometimes actual reviews from journeymen of the prison system, r/prisonreviews is an accidental dystopia that feels much closer to reality than it should. Plus, u/itsyerdad makes the case for being more of a bully to school shooters and terrorists, DYR tries to get to the bottom of why the British love a good wig, and we don't do meth once for the entire episode. This one brought to you by Brexit.