NBA MVP Race, Luka Fatigue and MLBs Issues

Mar 29, 04:50 AM

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings race for a .500 season (1:45), why more people aren't into the Oakland A's (4:00), MLBs attendance issues (6:30), why baseball fans always have hope at the start of the season (9:30), preparing for another bad Giants season (10:30) and Deuce claims he's retiring his Pablo Sandoval joke (14:05). They hit on some NBA topics including the MVP race and if there's actually a rookie of the year race (18:35), Luka fatigue (31:05), Jordan Bell's weird suspension and Deuce thinks the Warriors won't win it all (36:00), Devin Booker chasing stats (42:15), Jason Kidd campaigning for the Lakers job (46:00), why people watch disgusting sports injuries (48:10), they hit on Gronk's retirement, NFL rule changes and cell phone breaks with the Cardinals (50:20). They closed with Truth OR Trash and the mailbag (59:05).