Episode 20: How will AI change the workforce?

Mar 30, 10:42 AM

Take a bite: In line with Esquire Singapore's April 'Artificial Intelligence' issue—an industry-first that enlisted the help of an AI bot to help write and curate stories for the magazine—we discuss the influence and impact of AI on the future of work with Jason Sosa, founder of Blackbox Foundation; a consortium that helps distribute work powered by AI and trust on the blockchain. 

We start the podcast with the hosts discussing Warner Music's recent move to sign a record contract with an algorithm (created by audio start-up Endel) as well as Singapore's Textile and Fashion Federation's (TaFF) newest incubator program to bring together people from fashion and technology. 

Before closing, Norman read out select extracts from the Esquire April issue for Jason and Debra to guess which passages were written by a human writer, and which were written by the AI writer.


Our regular hosts Debra Langley (fashion and tech consultant) and Norman Tan (editor-in-chief of Esquire Singapore) share what they've been up to since the last podcast.

03:06—"Coffee Catch Up"

The hosts discuss Warner Music's recent 'signing' of Endel—the audio startup that has created AI-powered algorithms to make music—and TaFF's new 30-week incubator program to connect the fashion and technology industry.

10:32—"Fresh off the grill" 

Feature segment with a new guest each podcast.

For this episode, the hosts discuss how AI will impact and change the future workforce with Jason Sosa, founder of Blackbox AI, a consortium that provides information architecture for emerging technology and the future of work from a decentralized platform. 

47:50—"Last call of the day"

This week, Norman has extracted select passages from the Esquire April 'AI' issue for Jason and Debra to guess which were written by an AI writer or by a human writer. How did you go? Did you guess correctly? 

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