r/letsnotmeet, Charlie Chaplin packed a busy hog evidently, and Ranch Dressing Studios gets a whole lot creamier

Apr 01, 2019, 07:00 AM

Crowd Clapping Sound You hear that? That's just a little preview of what kind of excellent pod sound effects you'll get to experience when u/itsyerdad hits random buttons on the brand new Ranch Dressing Studios mixer. After weeks of meth pods, we finally put that deep Capo Isetta podcast purse to use and bought a professional mixer that will hopefully solve at least a few of the issues that we seem to perpetually have, and right in time for u/dogboobes favorite sub too, r/letsnotmeet. Some may say it's Reddit's creepiest sub, dedicated to real-life stories of disturbing encounters. Our beloved dog boobes has been itching to do this one for at least 3 years, and we imagine it won't be the last time we cover it either. Also, we briefly discuss the Mueller investigation out of journalistic obligation to the Podcasting code of ethics, we discuss the organisms of 1930s actresses, and our subreddit gets a much needed redesign from u/kudosinc. The kudos are all yours my friend. This episode brought to you by edible cigarette butts.